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All-in-one infrastructure for your app growth
Apphud is the smartest way to integrate, measure and grow in-app purchases, including subscriptions. Apphud provides a reliable subscriptions' infrastructure, deep real-time mobile analytics, powerful pricing A/B testing platform and tool set to increase app revenue.
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6 months offered on the "Launch" plan

All our deals are negotiated by our team with each partner and are updated regularly.
This deal is only available if you are a new customer or a customer on a free plan of the tool.

All our deals are negotiated by our team with each partner and are updated regularly.
This deal is only available if you are a new customer or a customer on a free plan of the tool.
This deal is available to both new and existing customers.
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February 2024 -

 Our promo code verified with the software 


Benefit from from discount of 6 mois offerts sur le plan "Launch" on any plan offered by Apphud.

Save 6 mois offerts sur le plan "Launch" when you sign up for an offer at Apphud thanks to our exclusive partnership.

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Don't wait any longer and save 6 mois offerts sur le plan "Launch" on any plan offered by Apphud.

Software information 


With Apphud:

  • Build

Integrate in-app purchases and subscriptions into your mobile app in 2 lines of code. No server code required.

  • Measure

Powerful revenue and user acquisition analytics. Integrations with mobile analytics, marketing platforms and messaging.

  • Grow

Perform A/B experiments on in-app purchases. Automatically recover lost customers, reduce churn, get insights on cancellations.

For development teams:

  • Integrate subscriptions

Apphud provides ready-to-use infrastructure for all kinds of in-app purchases. Integrate Apphud SDK and implement 2 lines of code.

  • One API for all platforms

Apphud supports iOS and Android apps. If a customer purchases a subscription on an Android device, he will still retain access to the premium features on the iPhone.

  • Fetch user state 

Get user subscription state and give access to premium features when needed.

For marketing teams:

  • Integration

Send trial conversions, renewals, cancellations and refunds to third-party tools. Don't worry about currency conversion: Apphud handles this automatically.

  • Analytics

Analyze 21 built-in metrics including MRR, ARPU, churn and conversion rates to make data-driven decisions. Segment data by user acquisition channel, location, custom properties and many more. Use a powerful cohort analysis tool to calculate app economics.

  • Notification 

Integrate Slack or Telegram and receive a notification when a user starts a new trial, gets billed or cancels a subscription.

For product teams: 

  • A/B experiments 

Test different in-app purchases and paywalls. Run experiments to find the best combination of prices and purchase screen parameters that maximize ROI.

  • Win back lapsed subscribers

Instantly increase app revenue up to 10% by winning back lapsed customers. Send automated promotional offers for those who cancel subscriptions and stop losing your money.

  • Reduce churn 

If a billing issue occurs, the user will receive a Push-notification asking to update their payment details.

Build a better app. Rely in-app subscription infrastructure on them. Get official Apphud client and track your mobile app performance right on your iPhone.

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